Revisiting Diffraction with an Apodized "Iris"

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Re: Revisiting Diffraction with an Apodized "Iris"

J A C S wrote:

What kind of an APO filter would produce almost a uniform disk?

Here's the apodization component of the pupil transmission function:

It's a gaussian with width parameter of 0.5.

There is also a bounding circ() that cuts out the corners.

Here's a trace through the PSF:

It looks like a gaussian because it should look a lot like one -- the PSF is nearly the FT of the aperture, and the FT of a gaussian is another gaussian.  Because the gaussian in this case is clipped by the circ(), we get an "almost gaussian."

The PSF images (and that transmission map) have their gamma adjusted so that they appear linear inside of g=2.2 space.

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