On Why the D850 is Revolutionary

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Re: Some recent revolutionary cameras?

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You missed the most revolutionary camera product of all -namely the Apple iPhone the most ubiquitous photo machine in the world now , bar none .

Nothing special about that. Every smartphone can do the same thing and some PDAs could do it before the iPhones.

Basically Apple took a fancy PDA and added a cell phone.

and it wasn't even the first PDA with an integrated cell phone. From April 2002


- the iPhone was released in 2007

But you are missing the point.

Apple made the it all happen for the masses with its product/ products and earns billions , that is the revolution .

Where is the Originator and its product today ?

No, you're missing the point. The iPhone was not a revolutionary product. What was 'revolutionary' was Apple's marketing of that product. Instead of selling it as a business device as had previous companies producing similar products (and Apple themselves with the Newton) they sold it as a popular mass market product, and built in a whole load of design values to allow it to address that market.

And that's the whole point, a product does not have to be 'revolutionary' to make a major change in the market, in fact, it rather helps if they are not. The market has a way of not really understanding 'revolutionary' products.

Semantics / same difference .

Apple's marketing made their product create a revolution.

Chicken and egg , you cannot have one without the other,  they both have to be on target

Apple hit the bullseye   , and  that's a revolution however you couch it .

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