On Why the D850 is Revolutionary

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Re: Some recent revolutionary cameras?

david vella wrote:

nuke12 wrote:

david vella wrote:

nuke12 wrote:

My point is the iPhone was just evolutionary in the small pocket type devices and not revolutionary. Apple did well with lots of their hardware and they still do but they were still just steps to where we are at now.

Sorry but In this case I disagree , without Apple taking up the concept, and running with it big time , the smart phone would not have taken off in the way it did .

Apple takes boring tech and makes it sexy and must have to Joe Public.

That is the difference, and selling product in the hundreds of millions and making billions in hard cash is the proof of a very successful revolution.

I love that line!

So you bought into all the Steve Jobs speeches. Your under the spell and don't even know it. Life is wonderful, say what?

Apple's bank balance tells you all you need to know about a successful revolution.

Are you trying to say Apple is a failure ?

I'm not saying that at all. In fact, I'm saying the exact opposite.  The Apple company has been great salesmen. They sold the world on some very evolutionary products. I just wish, I had bought shares when they first went public.

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