On Why the D850 is Revolutionary

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Re: Redfines the market

Gareth Bourne wrote:

A good product matrix has low / medium / high options. Currently it's like this:

Low - D610

Medium - D750

High (resolution) - D850

High (speed) - D5

You could just have three models: D650, D850, D5, with the D650 combining the D610/D750 models into one, but can it hit a good price point in the market?

From Nikon's marketing perspective it should be very clear what you're buying in each jump, be that increased resolution, increased frame rate (or both), better AF, etc. The ideal would be to keep the software / features as close to parity as possible, and sell on the hardware, so you could see how they go 24mp > 36mp > 45mp, etc.

D650 (essentially a D750, inc. better AF), D760 (essentially a rebodied D810, 36mp, etc.) and then D850 and D5.

I disagree. Both Canon and Sony have, aside from insanely expensive sports cameras, two tiers of full frame cameras. The consumer level (6D2, A7 II) and professional level (5D4, A7R II) for lack of better names. The professional camera has better autofocus and higher pixel count. It's true Canon also has the 5DS, but that camera is the same price tier as the 5D4, and is a specialty camera that should have been assimilated to the 5D4, but Canon chose not to for some reason. Also, the 24MP full frame camera should go the way of the dodo. It's like a 10 MP APS-C camera, that were obsolete half a decade ago.

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