Reptiles Big & Small, Birds in Wetlands & Home (8/15/17)

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Reptiles Big & Small, Birds in Wetlands & Home (8/15/17)

Keeping up with the wildlife posts, with my last being 5 days ago, and especially since I'll soon be adding shots with the new lens, I need to stay as up to date as I can with my backlog of shots taken with the A6300 and FE70-300mm G OSS combo...which I'm only about 1 month behind on.  This time, I've got a fair mix of reptiles to throw in with the bird variety from the wetlands, and even a few snaps from my swimming pool at the end of the long-hot-swampy day of the backyard birds.

As always, shots are posted at 1400 pixels on the long side if you click the originals:

A lovely, wet, male anhinga, drying himself off on a palm tree stump with more palm fronds as a backdrop

A small brown anole lizard was getting some sun on a leaf when I started pushing in closer for a shot - he glanced back and watched me with a wary eye to make sure I wasn't going to be a threat - but decided I wasn't scary enough to run from

Meanwhile, this brown anole sitting up on the fence post right next to me took a different approach - rather than watching warily...he started displaying his red dewlap and doing pushups to show me he was the big strong male of the area and to challenge me for the ladies

This happy looking alligator had been resting along the bank in the sun until it saw me, and decided to amble back to the safety of the water

Not that I would seem to be much of a threat to a large reptile with lots of teeth - but alligators are often saddled with misinformation, including the fact that they're not at all aggressive and will usually prefer to avoid close encounters with people if they can

A mixed scene of mixed animals - an anhinga enjoying one stump of a sunken tree, while a slider turtle sits in the middle and a Florida softshell turtle enjoys the right side.

A female grackle up in a tree calling out

Another example of the diversity of the wetlands - standing in one spot are three different species of birds - the ever colorful roseate spoonbills gathered with one white snowy egret among them, while the large great blue heron stands in the foreground

Another of the pinkies - the roseate spoonbill, walking to the water's edge and finding a softshell turtle holding his ground and staring back

Here comes a wood stork, flying straight at the camera like a bomber coming in for a strafing run

Meanwhile, back at the nest tree - two baby wood storks - the word 'baby' being relative given their size - still wanting mom to feed them even though they can already fly on their own.  They'll keep trying until they are kicked out and abandoned by the parents - the equivalent of the human parent 'get a job and get out' lament

Closeup sneaky view of a yellow-crowned night heron, trying to hide deep in the pine trees - a bit of sun reaching down through all the needles and branches to illuminate the beautiful eye

Ahhh - now sitting in the lovely waters of my swimming pool after a sweaty day in the swamps, I could lean back with my camera on a beercan float and shoot this lovely backyard blue jay in late afternoon warm light

Mourning dove coming in for a landing at my bird bath, down at the end of my pool

A survivor - this mourning dove on the right was showing some pretty heavy wounds, but still seemed to be doing OK - I presume he was grabbed by my resident backyard cooper's hawk, ripped by the talons and maybe pecked a few times with the bill before managing an escape

Comments, questions, and critique welcomed as always!

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