Photoshop 5....Contact sheets?

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THANKS!!!!! Gato & ALL....

Gato Amarillo wrote:

It has been so long since I did it I really don't remember. But when I saw your post I remembered how frustrated I was to find it missing and thought I'd check to see if it was still available.

I'm sure I found instructions somewhere online -- I'm not that smart about this stuff. It must be out there.

Been busy, but got back to computer today.

Downloaded the plug-ins you suggested and did a Goggle search on how to install....BINGO! I now have PS3 Contact Sheet II loaded in PS5...and it is working...I can now also do a contact sheet in Bridge, and Lightroom 4. Life is good!

However, I notice something different now. When I do File Info (Copyright Notice) on an image in PS5 my copyright is not saved. In PS3 when I opened a new image, and wanted to add my Copyright, a drop-down would open(from previous image) when I clicked in the Copyright Info box...and I just clicked on the saved Copyright Notice and it was added automatically.  Now I have to type the Copyright each time. Not good!

Hope someone understands what I am talking about here. I would THANK YOU VERY MUCH for any info.

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