any good small standard zooms out there ?

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Re: any good small standard zooms out there ?

BBQue wrote:

My question is, what is the point of buying a full frame camera if you don't want the full frame look (i.e. wide open, thin depth of field)? For camera with travel zoom, you are probably better of with APS-C or even smaller format.

A6300 with 18-105 is a good single lens solution for travel.

Full frame, I would much recommend a two-lens prime kit, for example FE28/2 plus FE55/1.8 - small and light lenses with superb image quality. If paired with a high-res sensor (A7rii) you have enough cropping capability that you can cover the entire zoom range with just these two lenses.

For legacy manual focus, I would recommend the Zeiss Contax CY 35-70.

Well, you may want the dynamic range, low noise, extra features. 
I've got the 24-70 f4 and specially for travel, I use it a lot at f8 or F11. It still gives me a better image quality than a APS camera.

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