X-Pro1 - thorn about keep or sell it all

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X-Pro1 - thorn about keep or sell it all

I bought an X-Pro1 on the verge of lust for the camera form factor and the expectation it could kind of replicate the wonderful colors the old S5Pro used to render, it ended up in a big disappointment; apart from the ML advantages (it's amazing to see what the pic would end up like through the viewfinder) the camera is not what can serve my purposes, I like the small form factor to be not intrusive but the slow AF vanishes all the other advantages, I like to shoot people and too many missed shots due to sluggishness, besides this it's not a bad camera, I don't like the out of focus area but I am spoilt by my FF Nikon gear/sensor

At this moment in time don't know if to give it all away (X-Pro1 with very few actuations, RRS L-Bracker, thumb rest, glass protector, 35/1.4, 14/2.8 18-55 all in pristine conditions) and move on with my Nikon gear or if to sell the body and get something faster like and X-T1 and give it another chance. I like the lenses a lot, as said above the bokeh is not what freaks me out but I maybe didn't give it too many chance but I don't really feel like using the X-Pro1 for portraiture, if I could make out of its sale 60% (with the l-bracket, extra batteries and thumb rest) of what it takes for an A conditions X-T1 I'd give it a try since I still like the lightweight combo it does and kind of like the colors (not on par of the old S-CCD) and sharpness but I am concerned about being again disappointed by the out of focus area and AF speed compared to a D-SLR.

What are your thoughts? I know the X-Pro1 being a camera to be almost used as an analog, in fact I enjoy taking landscapes/seascapes with it but that's only part of my shooting and I need more quickness, I know also the camera being Fuji's first attempt at it and next gen being much faster but would I notice an improvement worth the trade from X-PRo1 to X-T1 to convince and stay with Fuji X-Trans?

I am also tempted at selling the 18-55 and 14/2.8 and only keep the camera and 35/1.4 since that's the setup I like the best, FF equivalent to 50mm but still too slow to focus for my needs, very very confused about it but wouldn't want to invest more money into it if not to upgrade to a faster AF body and brighter viewfinder, would the X-T1 make a worth upgrade?

I have to ask a friend to let me test his one, I know he used to have a couple which he happily used in a pro way after switching from Canon FF gear, I am not a pro and so very probably he could make the best out of my slow X-Pro1 whilst I couldn't' make much out of his faster gear but that's how things are now, I would put a couple hundred bucks on top of my body to upgrade but not more than that...

Any thought to convince me and stay rather than to give it all away?


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