5 Reasons to Shoot Digital

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5 Reasons to Shoot Digital

So a few days ago I started a thread asking “Why do you shoot digital?”.
My goal was to put together a video with a top 5 list.
It was very helpful and interesting to read. I was stuck at only 4 Reasons but the thread actually made it into 6.

So for this is how the list ended up:

#5 Budget
I’m not talking about price here. Because film is not expensive imo.
And you can buy a film camera for $10 and shoot thousands of analog pictures to reach the cost of a digital camera. Specially if we are talking Medium Format.
But no matter how we look at it, it is a running expense.
With digital you pay and that’s pretty much it. I recently had all my Sandisk SD cards fail all at once (the Extreme Pro 64GB U3 versions) and replacing them added some cost. But that was after years of good use.

Digital is easier to set a budget for.

#4 Video
It’s a great thing to have. Even if just for some short clips of the family.
One can of course use s8 or 16mm which )I play with occasionally.
But then you need to plan and take it serious. Video can be played with as well as used for mass producing.

#3 Speed
Developing takes time. Even if stand developed where one just sets and forgets it still needs to dry and scanning is a pain.
There are plenty of Instat Films. Instax is currently selling more than digital in the Fuji lineup.
Good old Packfilm is still available.
But again.. scanning sucks.

That’s why digital is what I use for work.
But if I ever where to shoot portraits and such I would use Large Format film

#2 ISO
And I’m not talking about the amount, even though that is also useful.
I’m talking about being able to switch it quickly and to use auto in manual (thanks for finally getting with the program Panasonic..).
This was supposed to be number one because it’s easily the biggest revolution with digital photography.
But when I couldn’t come up with a fifth and asked here and on Facebook I left it at two and let the people decide the winner.

Honorable Mention: Spray and Pray
A lot of people voted for the ability to just keep on shooting hundreds of pictures before having to switch card. As opposed to a 70 roll all the way down as low as 1 sheet of Large Format.

This did not make the list because it can also be a negative.
Shooting film has taught me be more efficient and get the job done on fewer shots.
This does not only save space and time for me. Also the clients/employers love an efficient shooter. Their time is also money..

And in reality it never is an issue for me when shooting film. I rarely run out of a 36 roll.
All analog shooters I know do the same, we take ten shoots at the end of each roll of our dog/cat/kid just so it ends. Because we want to develop now!

# 1So we don’t have to take so much crap from film haters

Thanks to all those who gave input!
And remember, both are great, its about having a good time.

If one wants to hear it all again in broken English the video is here:

And my “5 Reasons to Soot Film”:

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