ANOTHER 150-600 tripod question...advice?

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Re: ANOTHER 150-600 tripod question...advice?

Dr_Drama wrote:

Hello all! My first post here.

Now before anyone bashes me, I've done my fair share of reading the previous posts on the subject, and scoured google for answers, and here is what I have come up with.

I have a Canon 6d and need a tripod to hold my Sigma 150-600 and since I'm not about to drop $1500 on a tripod, what do you guys think of this potential setup:

Movo GH800 CF Gimbal head + Nest NT-6294CTB - this comes out to about $450

I've also considered the Nest NT-530H but it's a little bit more than the Movo ($550 total)



thanks in advance!

I use heavy gear and find myself using monopods with a tilt head way more often than my tripods with gimbal heads.  Why? Because they are easier to carry, transport and handle.  A lot less cumbersome.

The Sirui P424 with the Sirui L-10 tilt head works well.

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