Considering EF-M 18-150, How does it compare to EF-S 18-135 STM on M5?

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Re: Considering EF-M 18-150, How does it compare to EF-S 18-135 STM on M5?

Sharif wrote:

mpressed wrote:

Agreed, although funny because when i saw how quickly the 18-150 drops to F6.3, i was a little concerned as well, although i never had crazy expectations of it and really just hoped for a convenient walk around lens, so i was surprised at the IQ... I think despite the specs listed and the fact that bit is indeed f6.3 i think it exceeds expectations and exceeds af speed even at 6.3. AS we both kind of mentioned usually once I'm indoors with the M5 it has either 22, 35 f2, or 50 1.8 or 1.4 on it...... the 35 lately becoming my favorite and is now the default lens mounted on the M5 when it its bag....


The 35mm on a crop sensor has the classical "normal lens" field of view. It's no surprise to me that you like it! (I like it too!)

That said, if the conditions are right the 18-150 will not disappoint as a very convenient and surprisingly sharp zoom. I'll just always make sure I also have a 22, 35, 50 or 85 prime in my bag as well for low light situations and when I want a shallower depth of field or need a faster shutter speed.

AGREED... i always have the 22, 35 and now lately the 50 1.8 and been leaving the 50 1.4 on my dslr....i just love the size and ergonomics of the 1.8 on the M5.  i take the 50 1.4, 85 1.8 and my favorite the 135 f2 when i know ill be in a situation that requires them..  the 85 still handles well n the M5, the 135 is ok but starts to be a little big....


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