Lightroom Performance on Newest MacBook Pro

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Re: Lightroom Performance on Newest MacBook Pro

PerTulip wrote:

Kristada673 wrote:

...It is not the laptop's fault, it is Lightroom's fault. I hope you read up a bit on how crappy its multicore optimisation and GPU acceleration is? In Lightroom, from what I gathered through my online research, the most important factors are single core clock speed, RAM and SSD. Quad core won't give more performance than a dual core (equally clocked); a dedicated GPU won't give much performance boost either as Lightroom only uses GPU in develop mode, not in exports. So, the wiser decision would be to ditch Lightroom instead of ditching the MacBook Pro - you'll find these same issue on Lightroom with pretty much any computer money can buy, at least until Adobe decides to build it from ground up with multicore optimisation and system-wide GPU acceleration, which it has little incentive to do due to very low competition.

I have a maxed out MBP and Lightroom is just a snail. That's why I use PhotoMechanic for initial import, culling, sorting, keywording, rating, etc. It's a cheetah compared to the snail.

Just a quick Google search:

"...Does this update solve the Lightroom performance woes? Unfortunately not."

That is a pretty stupid article. Adobe never said that the 2015.12 point upgrade would be a major speed improvement. They just started that survey about what people thought were the most urgent issues, so does fstoppers honestly think that Adobe could come up with all the answers to those complaints in just one or two weeks? I'd guess it will take just a tiny little bit more time than that...

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