Which lens for which situation?

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Re: Which lens for which situation?

Mark Scott Abeln wrote:

B) Portraits (Should be Meike Lens)

One common rule of thumb is to stand at least 8-15 feet from your subject, no matter what lens you use, in order to avoid perspective problems. You can get away with shooting closer if your subject has specific facial feature proportions, or is posed well, or if you want to make them look ridiculous.

Probably stand (or sit) 8-15ft away and use the zoom lens to show as much of the person as you want.

C) Northern Lights

Usually shorter focal lengths are used to fit the lights into the image.

D) Landscape (mountains , long roads, big rocks, well, im heading to iceland)

Some like wide angle lenses, but avoid the situation where most of your image is blank sky and ground. Sometimes a longer lens is useful if there are specific details you want to capture.

Longer lenses make distant mountains look bigger.

E) Night photography

Doesn't matter if you use a sturdy tripod. If you want to hand-hold shots, use a fast lens with short focal length, and use good focus.

Try the Hand Held Twilight mode. It can often work very well.

F) Everyday photography.

Any suggestion which lens fits onto the above? and if you are kind enough, kindly explain why... or is there a better budget lens for it? thanks...

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