On Why the D850 is Revolutionary

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Re: On Why the D850 is Revolutionary

david vella wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

david vella wrote:

Iain G Foulds wrote:

... David: To repost-

... If a new model of car came out, and it was 30% faster with 30% better gas mileage, and a long list of serious innovations and upgrades, it would unanimously be considered a revolution. But, apparently, not with cameras...

No it would not . It would be a good EVolutionary improvement .

To be revolutionary requires major disruption of the market such as digital v film and smartphones v low end digital cameras .

Not sure. Disruptive products are often evolutionary, they just hit a sweet spot at the right time. Think of the iPhone, didn't really do anything that a 'personal organiser' didn't do, just did it in a more nicely presented way, in a more convenient package.

Really ??

You had personal organiser that could shoot stills and video , transmit TV and Radio , store music, share information and offer FaceTime ?

Pray tell, who made it ?

In motoring terms Tesla are near revolutionary , but if their vehicles were to run on two AA batteries, do 500 miles per set , and cost the same as conventional engined transport , now that would be a motoring / personal transport revolution .

As well as an impossibility.

Impossible today yes , but in the future who knows .

Did you think a conventional 60 watt light bulb could be replaced by one with the same light output but consumed less that one tenth the wattage ?

You guys do realise that this is the Nikon FX forum, not the Word Definition forum, don't you...?

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