On Why the D850 is Revolutionary

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Re: On Why the D850 is Revolutionary

bobn2 wrote:

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Iain G Foulds wrote:

... Stan: That is right. If a new model of car came out, and it was 30% faster with 30% better gas mileage, and a long list of serious innovations and upgrades, it would unanimously be considered a revolution. But, apparently, not with cameras...

If NR is correct, the DR would be a step back from the D810. Not good for landscape photographers.

I'm wondering why that would be. The D800/D810 used the same sensor which used the pixel design from the D7000's sensor. Looks like the D850 uses the pixel design from the D500. In which case

How can a 45.75 MP FX sensor be the same pixel pitch as a 20.66 MP DX sensor? See my post above.

, looking at Bill Claff's excellent site:

I'd much rather see a meaningful evolution of the D810. Not a jack of all trades and master of none.

It is a meaningful evolution. Some more pixels, better AF, faster frame rate, bigger VF, swivelly LCD.

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