[Sync Issues with PocketWizard Plus III] Can't sync at 1/250 between D800 and Elinchrom Lights. Why?

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Re: Can't sync at 1/250 between D800 and Elinchrom Lights. Why?

oldfashioned wrote:

ImagesByNick wrote:

Chiming in a little late but ...

I've had similar issues using a Sony A7Rii, Pocket Wizard Plus-X triggers and Photogenic monobloc lights. The best I can manage is 1/160

old thread but I'd like to add something too, here

160 sounds about right

the thing is that I still have a couple of wizards like..25 years old or something? (and I trigger a lot)

And even the originals, the first flashwizards... 30 yo and counting

Now I wish I could've been at the meeting of the LPA guys discussing around a table about expanding the production to the new gadgets that the geeks like so much for a week or two

But times are changing: now we have a pro sport camera like the A9 without any sport pro lenses with all the enthusiasts jumping up and down. no lenses for pro-sports? it doesn't matter: what matters is to imagine it, and buy stuff , and often, and more often.

After all the winner in marketing gadgets was a cell phone with built-in battery that you can't replace. something unthinkable before. Sold like hotcakes. Stuff don't have to last 30> years anymore.

Sad but true!

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