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Re: GR Digital III and IV: Used prices

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Joe Pineapples II wrote:

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Hi everyone,
I've noticed that the used prices of the GRD III and IV are fairly high, more so than the newer GR models in some cases. Is there any reason for this?
I was curious about whether the IV would still be a good buy for its macro mode and quick focussing, but perhaps the forum members could recommend a newer camera from Panasonic, Canon etc that could be more capable?
It's 2017 and I assumed tech would have moved on significantly by now. Who would have thought we would be desiring cameras from 5 years ago?

Like the GXR, the GRD IV is an example of Ricoh's technical innovation that sadly didn't go any further.


Wasn't the GR and GRII the next step? Or Maybe you still see the need for a small sensor GRD? I can see a case made for that as a strictly street camera with more depth of field etc. (1" sensor maybe?) anyhow in light of zero Ricoh cameras in the horizon, I doubt that there is any point in discussing multiple Ricoh cameras aiming different user groups. Even a GRIII update will be cause of celebration for many.

I was thinking of the fast hybrid AF system in the GRD IV. It seemed like a great system for a fixed prime lens camera like the GR.


Thanks for clarifying.

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