What Nikon FAST PRIMES would YOU like to see?

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Re: What Nikon FAST PRIMES would YOU like to see?

GarysInSoCal wrote:

Wellington100 wrote:

GarysInSoCal wrote:

How about a 110 or 120 F1.8... or maybe a 140-160 F2.0... or F2.8 for a reduced size. Any possibility of these lenses having VR. What's on your fast prime Christmas list?

Why, they are just big, heavy and expensive clunkfests with too much glass in them? Why not make some trioplan type primes instead?

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Not even... I'm quite sure that a 120 F1.8 would not be as big and heavy as that 105 F1.4 Nikon just came out with... that think is HUGE for it's focal length. A 160 F2.8 should be quite manageable also...

Why are you asking for such odd-ball focal lengths, such as 120mm and 160mm.

It  would appear that there are industry standards such as 105mm, 135mm and 180mm.

You wish to confuse the matter with these weird lengths.

Who is going to pay for them.?

Me ? I'm happy with my lens selection now . Nikon 8mm f2.8 to Nikon 800mm f5.6. I'm covered for all situations.

Regards Peter

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