Making the switch to Fujifilm. Saying good bye to Canon (for now)...

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Re: Making the switch to Fujifilm. Saying good bye to Canon (for now)...

Alfonso Bresciani wrote:

syrcular wrote:

So I've decided to sell off my remaining Canon pieces, and go full on Fujifilm for all my photography, and possibly some video work. I have an Xpro2, X-T2 and X100F, so I'm all set and in the echo system.

I'm just curious for former Canon or Nikon users that have switched over to Fujifilm, that were in the full frame you have any regrets? I know in certain instances, especially in wider aperture, you experience less bokeh and not as shallow depth of field as you do with Full Frame.

But just curious for those that made the switch how you feel now, about it, and what it's opened up (or closed up for you).

I have been using 2 fuji fuji x-t2 for about a year and I miss full frame, the noise at hig h( iso ) iso on a crop sensor is also atrocious! The Juji is a joy to operate and amazing to use, however since I shoot a lot with low light, (6400 to 12800 iso) i'm thinking on getting the sony a9 to try it out. I miss background separation and bokeh.

I haven't found noise at high ISO on my XT2 to be atrocious, actually very good, class leading.

A9 though seems to handle high ISO very well. Its also 3X the price but it is an amazing camera, I have only demoed it at a store and it felt fabulous and is so fast. It feels Pro.


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