Anyone use Xara Designer or similar website builder programme?

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Re: Anyone use Xara Designer or similar website builder programme?

Bobthearch wrote:

I can't say what the future holds, but the use of desktop software for website design is definitely in decline, with the popular trend being CMS software that installs on the hosting server instead.

I've played with KomPoser years ago when comparing desktop website building tools. I chose this instead, which didn't take long to learn and was a fraction the price of Dreamweaver, Pagebuilder, or other similar commercial software. With the popularity of Wordpress, Wix, Weebly, and other online-based tools, I'm actually surprised to see the WYSIWYG Web Builder still being maintained and updated.

I've long-since moved to Wordpress, which is open source (free) and installs on the server so I can work on my websites from any computer.

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I actually use Drupal and currently using D7 for my current site I'm building. Even with out any programming skills its amazing what you can do with it if you spend the time learning some theaming basics and the views module. If one was to use Drupal I'd only reccomend version 7 as 8 has been designed for corporate/money making reasons and is just not suited for shared hosting hence why some of the core Drupal devs split off and forked Drupal into BackdropCms.

ATM I'm trying out Wordpress for a different and although some things are much easier than Drupal and there are 1000's of themes most of them are quite complicated and lots of "free" version of paid themes so be careful when you choose one. Although there are 1000's of themes for Wordpress 90% of them are WAY to fancy/complicated the amount of JS/HTML gimmick abuse it crazy, its like being back in the late 90's with animated gifs, java applets and crazy java script on websites.

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