"Pro-life" really means Pro Death

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Re: "Pro-life" really means Pro Death

Werderano wrote:

Is Donald and Texas really so special? However anotherexample from Texas and "pro-life". https://theintercept.com/2017/08/13/exxon-mobil-is-still-pumping-toxins-into-black-community-in-texas-17-years-after-civil-rights-complaint/

Texas has many of America's petroleum refineries. They are needed to keep the millions of automobiles running on the roads. Just as the millions of automobiles must off-gas the combusted fuel into the air, refineries must do the same as they distill the crude oil into its various products.

As you know, pollution concerns are secondary to making money. Trump has eliminated many of the environmental protections, installing someone in the EPA who believes a few argricultural chemicals that were linked to growth defects in children and causing medical distress in undocumented workers was good for the economy.

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