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Canon will be thankful for consumers who echo this sentiment. It will allow them to sell a product with worst in class image quality compared to its own soon to be replaced products as well as, and by a massive disparity, the other options on the market.

And I've yet to see anyone argue that the 6D Mark II isn't capable of fantastic images, but some of those defending Canon's decisions in this debacle are ignoring the fact that there simply are situations where images are possible with competing cameras but are not with the 6D Mark II. Sometimes bracketing or supplemental lighting simply aren't feasible. And the photographer with the D750 or Sony A7_ can get the shot and produce acceptable, even pleasing results, while the photographer with a 6D Mark II can not. And here's the kick in the n**s... They're getting the shot for less money invested.

In such a situation, a knowledgeable photographer may be upset at Canon for imposing such a limitation when they paid more for their camera than other photographers who could get the shot while the ignorant photographer will simply become discouraged. And apparently, Canon is okay with either situation.

THAT is why I've decided to jump ship to Sony, if the system works for me (presently testing). It comes down to value. And Canon just isn't offering it like I personally want.

By all means jump ship to Sony, and be sure to give them the same level of scrutiny and criticism as you have done so with Canon. It would be only fair for you to do so.

For you to expect an entry level FF DSLR to outperform their Flagship at a fraction of the price is something from fantasyland. It would be like buying a Nissan Leaf and expecting it to perform as well as a Tesla.

We have had a 6D MkII since release date and have shot Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and the Seattle Seafair. And it has exceeded our expectations. And far from your assertion that there are shots you won't get with the MkII that you could have with others, I have found the exact opposite. I have yet to encounter a shot where the DR you complain of stopped me from getting it. And if such a situation ever arises, I can use the built-in HDR function to nail it.

We still had the 6D body and were shooting it side by side to compare the two. And if it had proven to be worse then the 6D we would have sold it and taken the loss. As we were travelling from Australia, we wanted our best possible shot at getting the shots due to the costs to travel there in the first place. (27 flying hours). So when we added the MkII to the 6D & 7D MkII we were carrying, we put the 17-40mm on the 6D to eliminate lens swaps, but for comparison purposes I did swap lenses on occasions to ensure we had shots with the same lens at the same location for comparison. And although I have yet to finish all the comparisons, (355Gb of photo's and videos {4K} for 26 days of visit), the better resolving of detail, and better AF to mention just a couple of points has meant that the 6D has not beaten it's replacement in ANY shot I have checked out so far.

In fact, in low light/night photography we have been stunned at the difference. The shot below was taken at Gig Harbour, Tacoma after 10pm at night, hand-held in dim light. It is the JPG straight out of the camera, and I am sure if it was "unacceptable" I could always go tweak the RAW and do NR to improve it - if it needed it. Yes, it's 40,000 ISO.

40,000 ISO after 10PM at night hand-held.

Both the 6D & the 7D MkII were simply outclassed and could not match the image. And I don't know if there are many Camera's out there that would come close to catching the 6D MkII in these conditions.

By all means keep griping about the poor Dynamic Range (which tends to be a very harsh sunlight issue on most occasions) but when you go into a dimly lit museum, where flash is banned, you might just wish that this was your tool to get the best shot!

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I am looking forward to more of your great photos from this cool trip. The high ISO photos are impressive! Lens info is also appreciated. Keep posting! BTW did you evr use an original 7D? Could you compare the autofocus of the two if you did?

Yes, my Canon path was 350D (Rebel), 40D, 50D, 7D, 6D, 7D MkII. And a hire of a 5D MkII for Singapore one year. I help a mate with his Pro photography and have been fortunate enough to shoot on the 1D MkII & MkIII, 5d, 5D MkIII & MkIV, 1DX and fantastic lenses such as the Canon 135mm F2, Sigma 120-300 F2.8 to mention a few.

The two things that I noticed with the 7D MkII over the original immediately was that the AF was almost like glue, my keeper rate improved. It wasn't bad before, but my dropped shots diminished, and I found that my culling was more on the birds wing positions than missed focus. Low light was the other big improvement (although still lags behind the 6D's). I also love the AF @ F8 so I can shoot my 100-400 with a 1.4TC. The GPS was added, and is better than the 6D's in that it shows the angle and relative zoom as well as the location. I was hoping for the direction thing to be included in the 6D MkII but it doesn't appear to be.

The 7D is my current "loaner" as I sold my 6D once I was sure that the MkII was better. I have no immediate plans to upgrade any further for the time being.

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How does the original 7D focus compare to the 6DMark II autofocus? Most reviews have been disappointed with focus on the 6D2. Since I would be coming from a 7D, which had great focus, for it's time, I wonder if I would see improvement between the original 7D and the 6D Mark II and if so how much. Your experience is appreciated, thanks.

Better than the original 7D, but not at the 7D MkII snappiness (but close). I have been spoilt by the 7D MkII, and found BIF difficult with the original 6D. My missus got a better hit rate than me out of it, but also she used it more than me. The new 6D MkII is far snappier, and I am happy for the limited opportunity I have had to try and shoot birds. When we got back to Seattle it was pretty much grey smog from the Canada bushfires, and not much bird activity.

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Thanks Aussie! Between the 7D and 7D2 was what I was hoping for. I think that will work for my needs. I'm still on the fence about it. I don't have any immediate need so I can get a great pre Christmas deal. By then we will know about reliability as well. Keep posting those great pics!

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