NEF Files Locked After Transfer

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Re: NEF Files Locked After Transfer

Montana64 wrote:


I just bought a D750 (and love it). When I transfer NEF files from the SD card to my mac (OSX 10.11.6), the files appear in the finder as "Locked". In preview, I can't edit them in any way unless I duplicate them as a TIF file.

In another post, someone said, go into Nikon's view software, right click, and go to "Protect Files" change from 'protect' to 'Unprotect'. I did this both in NX View 2 and in ViewNX-i and when I go to 'protect' its as if the file is NOT protected, as the only I option highlighted for me is "PROTECT" (as the file is not already protected). ("Unprotect" is greyed out.)

Note that in ViewNX-i, I can indeed open the file and look at the image.

When I open the filed in photoshop it seems to open without issue.

So is this just a Preview issue? Is the photo not really 'locked'? My concern is, I don't want to transfer 1,000s of images into meticulous folders and have issues later like a year from now when I know longer have the files on the SD as I will have reused them by then.

Also note the image is not "locked" on the camera and also the SD card is not in the locked position either. And I just updated my OS software and Nikon software just to be sure, but the issue remains.

Please help!

I know there's a similar thread on this topic, and I tried everything on there, and it didn't work--and my situation is slightly different, so I entered a new question. Thanks in advance for all your help!


Could it be something with your OS?

I use Windows and don't know if OSX is able to lock files, as Windows is able to "give permissions" to files, but as the "locked" shows up in the OS' file finder, it to me indicates, that it is a problem with the OS setup.

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