On Why the D850 is Revolutionary

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Re: On Why the D850 is Revolutionary

I hope the rumor about less DR than the D810 is not true. As a landscape camera, whats the point if it has less DR than the D810? I could buy a D810 for a steal and have just about as good as a landscape camera.  As for its speed in DX mode, If I want a fast DX camera, I will buy the D500.

If Nikon doesn't redesign live-view with on sensor PDAF the silent shutter feature will be a joke. Already bad enough you can only use it with live-view. Its already starting to look like a half baked step forward.

If all the above comes to pass I will skip the D850. If it has a jump in DR, magically has a HVF and sensor PDAF, then it would be the perfect camera and I would have no reason to skip it and be compelled to buy it.

But its starting to look like Nikon is building a camera not only to be a successor to the D810, but supplant the D500 as well.   Most of the time, a "do everything" camera is never as good as the sum of its parts: the D810, and D500.

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