A closer look at the Fujifilm MHG-XT10 grip for the X-T20

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A closer look at the Fujifilm MHG-XT10 grip for the X-T20

This is a somewhat lengthy but detailed, and hopefully useful, discussion of the MHG-XT10 grip for the X-T10 and X-T20 cameras. I decided to compile this after I came across some questions about this product.

The need for the hand grip and my general experience

I purchased my first interchangable lens camera since my teenage years, some 40 years ago, last June. After lots of deliberations and comparing pros and cons I chose the Fujifilm X-T20. I have been using this camera and am very happy with it, but I was aware of some potential drawbacks that I accepted. Despite having relatively small hands and fingers (male) I found out that a hand grip might alleviate the most notable drawback I experienced. Again, after reading lots of reviews I decided to purchase the Fujifilm Hand Grip MHG-XT10. In short, I am very satisfied with it and think it is clearly worth the considerable price. It fits the camera well, adds negligible "bulkiness" to the overall size (which is important to me), it has a good surface finish for holding and immediately it felt like a natural part of the camera and all my accidental button touching due to a poor grip was history. This grip is attached with only the tripod screw which is secure, and access to the battery/memory compartment is fine for me, as well as the tilting LCD. In short, I highly recommend this grip.

Potential lens diameter issues

I have seen some discussions and questions on how large this grip actually is when put on the camera, and if it interferes with lenses of large diameter.

To give better information on the grip I put the 18-55 mm F2.8-4 kit lens on my X-T20 camera, made some measurements and took photos that are shown here. The diameter of this lens is given by FujiFilm as 65 mm or 2-9/16", which I verified by my own measurement.

The hand grip does not push my fingers anywhere close to this lens, and by putting some padding of different thicknesses between my fingers and the lens, I found that the space was comfortably at least 7mm or 9/32". This indicates that with my finger size I should easily be able to work with lens diameters up to 65+2x7 = 79mm wide or 3-1/8" in the section closest to the camera body, before the fingers start touching the lens.

Looking at the current Fujinon X lenses, all of the prime lenses are well within this 79 mm diameter limit that my finger size requires. I might, however, have problem with the following XF zoom lenses: 16-55 mm (83 mm dia.), 50-140 mm (83 mm dia.). Others seem to be OK. Now I guess these lens diameters are made at the widest section and possibly they are smaller close to the camera body. I did not have information on this and did not explore this further for now. Note that people with larger fingers than mine would have to set the 79 mm diameter limit lower.

So, if you are considering purchasing an X-T20 with the Fuji hand grip, you might ask for trying out the camera with the grip and one of the larger lenses in the store, before you make your purchasing decision. By the way, I don't know how much room the X-T2 has in this respect - it may or may not be more.

A few photos of my camera with the hand grip follow. These were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone and as I was doing this single-handedly, without assistance, some of the photos were made with some difficulty, but they should show convey the main points.

Front tilted view - with ruler

I put a paper ruler on my desk, with a scale in cm and inches. The right end of the camera with the hand grip is flush with the 10.0 cm or 8-1/16" location on the paper. I placed a light source above the camera so that the shadow would fall perpendicularly down on the paper surface, which shows that the right edge of the lens and runs through the 14.4 cm mark. This edge of the shadow would extend out to 6-5/16" on the scale on the paper. Therefore, the distance from the edge of the camera with the hand grip to the right edge of this specific lens is 4.4 cm or 1-3/4".

Top view with ruler

A top view of the same setup, unchanged.

Back view - holding the camera

This is how I hold the camera with the grip. Only fingers 3 and 4 actually hold the grip at the front, the index finger is free, and the little finger is most conveniently used as supporting at the bottom.

Top view - holding the camera

Notice here the space between the fingers at the front and the lens. This is the 7 mm or 9/32" space mentioned above and allows for larger diameter lenses if needed, up to 79 mm or 3-1/8" for my size of fingers.

Bottom flat view

I measured the distance from the back plane of the camera (where my thumb is placed) to the very front edge of the hand grip, which turned out to be 4.9 cm or 1-15/16". Note that the large screw that goes into the camera tripod mount is the only one holding the grip - the two small Phillips screws are fixed as a part of the grip and not to be used by the user (as some reviews of this or other grips might indicate).

In this picture my finger is touching the lens. However, this was because I had to flex my arm in an awkward position to be able to get this picture. Normally, when holding the camera, my fingers (3 and 4) would be differently positioned and tighter around the grip, giving the 7 mm space shown earlier.

Bottom tilted view

The depth into the battery/memory compartment lid is about 10 mm or 3/8". For me it is easy to reach into this opening to open the lid and pull out either the memory card or the battery, but for someone with larger fingers it may or may not be as easy.

Hopefully all of this helps prospective buyers of the Fujifilm MHG-XT10 grip to make a good choice for themselves. Buying this grip was a good one for me and I highly recommend it.

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