On Why the D850 is Revolutionary

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Re: On Why the D850 is Revolutionary

Iain G Foulds wrote:

... Good thoughts from everyone.

... I would again offer that what will make the D850 revolutionary (if the long list of improvements are true) is that there are serious- not just incremental- improvements across the board. Every important aspect of the camera has been upgraded. It deserves to be called a D850, and not just a D820.

... Of course, as has been suggested, if the IQ/DR of the sensor has been sacrificed for these improvements, all bets are off.

For me the three differences for the D850 that will likely get me to upgrade from the D810 are

1. Body and control style like the D500

2. D5 AF system

3. Tilting touch screen

All these aspects I will really appreciate the benefit of. I am sure there will be a bunch of other little upgrades that will be appreciated as well but these 3 are what I will really notice in day to day shooting.

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