*** MIni-Challenge #473 *** Edge-to-Edge Subject

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Flat view
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*** MIni-Challenge #473 *** Edge-to-Edge Subject

Please submit as an entry or an exhibition, ANY photo in which the SUBJECT of the photo fills the ENTIRE FRAME. Any subject. Here's a test to see if your photo fits the definition of the challenge; Is there anything that could be cropped away from the image without losing some of the subject of your photo? If the answer is yes, the photo doesn't quality - at least not yet. Feel free to do some cropping, if necessary. Another test; If your photo includes any water, grass or sky, then the water, grass and sky should have been the primary subject of the photo. If not, doesn't qualify. Interior photos won't have that problem, but the interior should be "interesting" edge to edge.

Examples at the bottom...

This MC will end Sunday, August 20th, 8:00 PM Central Standard Time

NOTE: The First Place winner becomes the host of the next challenge and has 3 days to begin the challenge. The winner can respond thru forum post or PM. If that individual doesn't respond in 3 days or declines to serve, the Second Place winner becomes the next host. If that individual declines to serve, the Third Place winner becomes the next host.

1. Submit Entries to win (3 maximum); and/or Exhibits (unlimited). Photos are to be taken by you, using any camera (or cell phone), any time. Processing, composites, etc. are all acceptable. The only thing that counts is the image, not how it was created.

2. Please state in the header of your post: "Entry" or "Exhibit". If a post is not labeled, it will be considered an Exhibit.

3. To post images, reply to this initial post.

4. Please post comments about your images and those of the other participants. That is a big part of the fun of these challenges.

a. ‘Reply’ opens a new blank window, (always indicating whom you are replying to). Write text, insert images, paste internet links, ….,

b. ‘Reply with Quote’ opens a window with all prior text and images intact. You add what you want, where you want. You can delete any of the original material, keeping only what you want shown.

5. At the end of this challenge, I will announce First, Second and Third places from the Entries in a separate RESULTS thread; and I may select some images from the Exhibits for Honorable Mentions.

St Mary's cathedral, Sydney, Australia

Reflection in Auckland, NZ

Ice behind a waterfall

The wake of the boat

Interior glass of Harpa, in Reykjavik, Iceland

The canopy of a rainforest in Australia, from above.

Guggenheim interior in NYC

Flat view
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