Gopro 3d wide rig

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Re: Gopro 3d wide rig--Here's mine

The 3d printed rig in your pic looks like the best I have seen. The ones I have were too flimsy and broke. To do wide you have to do that wire cutout trick in the orange gopro back, but that works pretty easy.

I went the metal route. I love the arca rails for this type of thing. Completely bulletproof.  Having a standard threaded filter holder is the holy grail as all forms of lens cap on a gopro seem to be either rip the bezel off or not be easy to use.  Also, the hood option rules.  Get your hack saw and chop the ears off 2 of the aluminum cages and you the wires still will reach for wide.

I have 2 rigs, one narrow and this wide one, and of course the water housing for diving and surfing and stuff.  Its a great little camera system.

The big news is, you can sync two hero 4 cameras with the Mew Pro system.  Its $300, but will allow gunlock on as many hero 4 cams as you want.  I really want that setup, but the hero 4 is just a tiny bit better in quality.  I really would like to shoot 2.7k at 60fps and do some down sampling to 1080p, which I know looks better, but I need to get a camera and 2 more lenses, because I am shooting 5.4mm.  Its a big cost.  Too bad nobody even makes a 3d camera these days.  That is the real shocking news.  How on earth can nobody even make a decent 3d camera.  All the ones I see are no better than this.

I am still trying to think of a way to wire in a normal lcd back along with the 3d back at the same time. Not sure I can pull that off, but maybe.

Here is a newer video of the lcd back rigged in there.

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