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What is wrong with Adorama?

I purchased AD200, transmitter, and AD-B2 on Tuesday and I got two of them on Wed cause Ad-B2 is pre-ordered item that I have to wait till friday. I already paid all prices on Tues. Im aware that pre-ordered item wont gonna charge till Friday but I paid it together on Tues.

Today, I got an email that the transaction had been declined and I need to pay $64.24 AGAIN. Really? Adorama kept saying that they charged only $356.08 and I didnt pay for $64.24. I contacted and checked citibank for several times and they told me that Adorama is pending for $420.36 and waiting for $64.24 to be charged on Friday.

I have to say that Adorama messed up with everything. When I called them with facts, they just keep saying same information. Im very disappointing with Adorama.

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