GXR-talk - where do we move to when there are no more?

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Re: GXR-talk - where do we move to when there are no more?

Sarah F wrote:

Not to brag or anything, but I just bought a second M module for 80 $/euros.

Some people are desperate to let them go and try to make a few bucks before they are completely obsolete... Not knowing that they will never be obsolete. Anyway.
Ebay gets a lot of attention so I would keep an eye on places such as Craigslist or willhaben.

LichtFan wrote:

I own the GXR body and 3 M Lenses. How much would a used M module be? Are they still available brand new?

Thanks for answers. Btw I am writing from Germany, so Euro price would be nice

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Specs don't take photos

Thanks for the comment Sarah.  Point well made. I have a few including a new one that is still in its box.  But who might seriously sell one if that is all that the market might offer.

Probably thse with some financial common sense?  But this sort of gear does not thrive on financial common sense ....

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Tom Caldwell

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