D7500 - bought one ... here's my thoughts on it

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Re: D7500 - bought one ... here's my thoughts on it

JDevlin12 wrote:

stuntmonkey wrote:

It's not that the D7500 is expensive... it is. it's that all cameras are more expensive now. The X-T2 and A6500 are priced in the same ball-park and I have to ask my self, 'why?" Compared to a DSLR, there's much less complexity, no mirrorbox, no AF array, no exposure sensor... so why does it retail the same? In all honesty, I don't feel as though this is a "golden" era for the consumer right now, cameras are getting better but we're not getting more value for money.

Sorry, but I completely disagree with the bolded - this is an amazing age for consumers of digital cameras. In the Nikon world, every camera from the D3400 on up offers incredible value. We have been spoiled by ever-improving cameras being introduced almost yearly at roughly the same price point as the previous models.

Incredible yes, but we're getting more by paying more, whereas in other consumer goods better has meat getting more by paying less over time. There are less camera buyers out there now than before and the companies are definitely driving ASP (average selling price) up as a way of clawing back revenues.

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