D7500 - bought one ... here's my thoughts on it

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Re: D7500 - bought one ... here's my thoughts on it

Satyaa wrote:

All good points.

As for price, all new cameras are sold at sticker price. Give it a year for discounts to start appearing. Nikon already introduced the 16-80 bundle discount. That's a start.

It's not that the D7500 is expensive... it is. it's that all cameras are more expensive now. The X-T2 and A6500 are priced in the same ball-park and I have to ask my self, 'why?" Compared to a DSLR, there's much less complexity, no mirrorbox, no AF array, no exposure sensor... so why does it retail the same? In all honesty, I don't feel as though this is a "golden" era for the consumer right now, cameras are getting better but we're not getting more value for money.

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