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Re: My first attempt.....

KE_DP wrote:

I'm glad you shared these. IMO the edits look like a different person. Take away the comparisons and on their own each might stand as one image - but watching the face warp from #1 to #2/3 clicking through the larger versions, shows there's been some kind of bone structural and soft tissue rearrangement. Did this software do that warping/liquify - or was that something else done by hand in PS?
There is no right or wrong - and this isn't a critique of anyone. It is all a matter of taste and depends on the ultimate goal of the subject and photographer. I was just curious as to how it happened. If it's this software automatically doing this - it's something that should be watched very very closely - and 1000% reason to not ever buy/use it in my book - (but that's just me - YMMV).

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Portrait Pro has default settings that automatically reshape the face & neck, smooths skin, adds make-up touches, whitens teeth & eyes, and other changes.    It also has options to do a one-click change to emphasize the amount and kind of changes for various male & female subject types.  However, there is also a button that resets the default to the original image.  I highly recommend that anyone using the the software click that button, then use the sliders that control each function to make adjustments.

Used carefully, Portrait Pro provides a good workflow for editing portraits, but the default settings are far too much "over-the-top."  I'm sure that whizzes with Photoshop can produce the same results, if not better, but I am not that facile with PS.  I can also produce similar results using a Paint Shop Pro (caveat:  I use Lightroom to make initial edits and convert my RAW files to JPG, then use either, or sometimes both, PP and PSP for final editing.  I always use PSP for final sharpening; I don't use that feature in LR or in PP).

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