Olympus 45mm f1.8 how to disassemble front element to clean it.

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Re: Olympus 45mm f1.8 how to disassemble front element to clean it.

Alen Djuderija wrote:

Hi guys i couldn't find this info anywhere online or photos or anything so please if there is someone that can help me with this it would be great cause my Oly 45 is full of dust and i cant have it like that and fyi olys front element have just one small hole and i dont know should i spin it or pull it out with something in that hole. If you need photos of front side i can upload it. Thx a lot

Take your vacuum cleaner and make an "OK" sign with your hand. Hold your finger-circle up against the rear of the lens and hold your vacuum cleaner (while running) up against your fingers (so the vacuum never directly touches the lens or lens contacts).

If you can adjust the power of the vacuum, then turn it down (maybe way down). If you cannot adjust the power, then separate your fingers from the lens a bit, creating an air flow gap, so the power isn't too strong.

Start off with low power and get stronger until it the lens gets clean or you get too nervous.

I've cleaned easily a dozen or more cheap lenses this way. The weather proof ones are actually harder to clean with this method.

Also -- just to be clear -- do it in a room/environment with minimal dust, so you don't suck more dust in there.

I find this works for dry dust. Moisture, salt air, etc. no so much (not at all, really).

Lastly, if you ever try this with a zoom, just realize the vacuum will suck the zoom and collapse it, so either pre-collapse the zoom or forcibly hold it extended.

Personally, I prefer this method to disassembling a lens

Or send it to Olympus

* -- the author of this post is giving free advice that has worked for them. YMMV. You are responsible for the condition and outcome of your own gear, and the author of this post is in no way liable for the condition of your lens before, during or after trying the above suggestion. Good luck.

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