iPad Pro 10.5 as laptop alternative for travel?

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Re: iPad Pro 10.5 as laptop alternative for travel?

robgendreau wrote:

I dunno. I'm awaiting iOS 11 and the new file management options to see how easy it will be (or not) to move RAWs from SDs onto and off of the iPad.

And Lr Mobile is nice, but synching is very slow. Be nice if it worked on a LAN like Mylio, but nope. Mylio might still be the best option, although it's kind of annoying to do that when Lr Mobile should do that. At least adjustment-wise Lr Mobile can do a lot, and there are some good graphics apps out there that could do well in place of Ps, depending on what you need to do. Like Affinity or Snapseed.

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As you suggest, file management has been the great inhibitor to me using iOS devices for most content creation. That may change with the next update, but we shall see.

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