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bobframe wrote:

Great response. Exactly what I am looking for. BTW, who's tech support is US based?

That I don't know. You can obviously not know this just from talking with tech since support guys/gals can be of any nationality or from anywhere on earth.

Call customer service for each company you're considering. Maybe they'll tell you.

My major complaint is that too often I can't understand what the tech rep is saying, due to too strongly accented English. That's not to say a foreign based or American based with accent don't know what's what. On the contrary, many companies I've dealt with have extremely knowledgeable and helpful tech staffs, once you've deciphered just what is being said. I sometimes have to use their chat help in order to understand what they're trying to have me do. As an example of this, I've communicated by phone with Canon tech many times for a variety of printers. I don't remember ever not understanding their tech rep due to a non-English accent. On the other hand - as I stated before - Canon tech sometimes is no help due to lack of knowledge, or even incorrect information. It has nothing to do with a language barrier in their case.

Aside: Two companies that I consider to have excellent tech help but language barriers are LinkSys and HP. In the case of LinkSys, I most often encounter a language barrier but they are incredibly persistent when it comes to troubleshooting a router or network problem. They'll spend days on a problem if it is necessary. HP also has excellent tech help and will doggedly attack a problem, but again there's often that language barrier.

In the end, I prefer to deal with a communications problem, as long as the company is willing to go the distance and fix the issue.

Like many others, I'd love to see USA based tech support, along with American made hardware. But, in this global economy, I'll just have to dream on.


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