Petition against Sony's Star Eater

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Re: Petition against Sony's Star Eater

e11even wrote:

BBQue wrote:

e11even wrote:

I have the 3.3 version on my A7II so am I affected? lots of noise here... Thanks! This is a 72 second shot.

fred 76 wrote:

Hi all!

A petition is now online against the Star Eater.

It has been proposed by myself and reviewed by Laurent Laveder, Thierry Legault, Ian Norman, Damian Peach, Aaron D. Priest and Babak Takeshi.

We invite you to sign it and share it all around you:

Clear sky


Any exposure longer than 30 sec has the Sony Noise Reduction baked into the raw file, no matter what firmware you are using. Nice photo !!!

Is that good or bad? Thanks BBQue

Generally speaking it is bad, cause it would be better to do this in post as desired. On the other hand, many people don't bother about that degree of processing, so for them it is probably good that Sony takes care of it. It improves noise dramatically, but it also "swallows" the finest details (single pixel light sources).

You can test this by taking 3 sec exposures (no "star eater" noise reduction) versus 4 sec exposures ("star eater" noise reduction baked into raw file). Then compare to see how much of a difference it makes.

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