Petition against Sony's Star Eater

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Re: Petition against Sony's Star Eater

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

BBQue wrote:

sharkmelley wrote:

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fred 76 wrote:

The photo you linked is a non sense to demonstrate anything about Star Eater ! It is a wide wide field, shot in panorama that should extend over 10000 pixels in width, and reduced to less than 1500 pixels width... You will hardly see any difference on that kind of photo whether you shoot it with smartphone or a specialized astronomy camera !

The effect of the terrific star Eater algorithm is NOT LIMITED TO ASTRONOMY photos :

There is no Star in the above photo, but the degradation is still VERY visible unless you are blind...

I am not blind - in fact I have tried exactly same with my A7rii. I am unable to even remotely reproduce the effect in your sample. I have posted full size results a few months ago in these forums.

I think you might be referring to the example you posted here:

and I replied here:

To re-iterate: in your own example the point sources of light on the horizon (plus those reflected in the hotel windows) either disappeared or turned into miscolored blobs because of star eater. Now imagine what would happen if you took a picture of a whole sky full of point sources.


Well, the images I posted are there - thanks for digging up my old link, I was too lazy yesterday... I get your point. But there are plenty of tiniest point light sources in these also that appear unaffected. everyone can look at them and come to their own conclusions.

At least I went through the trouble of making my own tests For my purposes, this is well beyond "good enough" and I suspect for 99% of astro hobbyists it is too.

For the 1% hard core astro photographers, it is not - something I never disputed. And which is why I was one of the first to sign this petition.

Enough said.

I think you minimised it. I didn't quite understand your earlier thread showing city lights. Did you do that because your night skies are too light polluted to show stars?

That particular thread was in a different context. There are images floating on the net that claim that city nightscapes and even regular landscapes are affected by star eater. Which is why I went ahead and tested this.

Anyway, everything that could possibly be said on this issue has been said. Yes, star eater is real. And yes, A7rii is perfectly capable of astro if you know what you are doing. Just my opinion.

I was one of the first to sign the petition - for the benefit of those, whose work is critical enough to require it. But I am not optimistic that Sony will ever fix it. They had a big chance to do so with firmware 4.0 - since they did not, there is probably some reason why they don't want to do so.

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