My iPhone 6 is better than my X100F

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Re: Does this mean...

The latest genearation of smartphone cameras really are phenomenal and hold many advantages over "proper" cameras:

1. Convenience

2. Fantastic user experience through the optimised software controls

3. Proper waterproofing in many top phones, means even the harshest conditions allow shooting

4. Really very good jpeg engines can produce results in good light that are very close to m4/3 or even APSC sensor cameras.

For example, I am a road cyclist and it's just fantastic that I can whip my phone (Nexus 5X) out on a ride and capture photos good enough to print out. The phone takes up almost no space in my jersey. If I wanted to carry something like an XT20 and landscape lens (e.g. 14mm), I'd have to carry a separate bag. The gains in image quality would not be worth it. I process the photos in snapseed in a couple of minutes and have great quality photos.

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