My iPhone 6 is better than my X100F

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Satisfaction drivers vary from shooter to shooter...

My minimum baseline definition of "good enough" for most of my needs

  • 10mp or more worth of quality pixels
  • 12 or more stops of usable dynamic range
  • Excellent ISO performance at 3200 or higher
  • Excellent ergonomics, reliability, and durability
  • Viewfinder big and detailed enough for middle aged eyes
  • >500 images worth of fast storage and predictable battery life
  • An AF system capable of keeping up with kids and their sports in bad light @5fps
  • Easily portable fast high quality optics that provide a useful range of focal lengths

An iPhone can cover many of these, but falls sadly short on others. My list of desirable attributes is much longer, and cell phones don't come as close to covering those, of course, but they obviously cover the needs of most people these days... Some of the items on the minimal list above are "one directional" criteria in which "the more the better" such as ISO or viewfinder awesomeness. Others are simply boolean such as MP (more megapixels usually just means having to buy bigger hard disks and faster computers to edit the images to me) or AF performance (it's either fast and easy enough or it's not to me...).

Some cameras provide "delighters" (unexpected but awesome features) such as Fuji's flim modes and focus peaking that I never knew I'd like until I played with it some. But those delighters now have to compete with "it fits in my pocket" and it "understands photography better than I do" provided by cell phones these days...

In the DSLR world, my minimum expectations were easily achieved a decade ago with the Nikon D200, whereas in the mirrorless world, Fuji only just met my AF expectations in their current generation and is still struggling to meet my minimum acceptable performance expectations for battery life (but it can be worked around with an extra battery or two in the pocket).

Honestly, I don't know where it's all going in the long run, but it does at least help explain why the floor space at my local big box stores that used to have cases full of cameras from dozens of manufacturers has now been given over to an ever-expanding number of aisles dedicated to designer iPhone cases...

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