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I hope Canon has a plan to slide another FF model in between the 6D2 and 5D4. That just might solve my current dilemma of where I go from here.

Agreed. It is absolutely anavoidable for Canon. We customers need a perfect blend of 5DIV & 6DII with full pixel readout 4K prores video.

What I'm hearing is that you guys just don't want to pony up the cost of the 5D4. Just bite the bullet, it's easier than complaining.

Not everyone has the means to "pony up the cost of the 5D4" and to suggest it so flippantly is insulting to anyone whose means may be less than your own.

It doesn't seem worse than asserting that Canon must release something between the 6D2 and 5D4 because 'we customers need' it. Really only a small percentage of the market apparently wants that.

A percentage that is overwhelmingly current Canon customers (i.e. 6D owners).

Anecdote for anecdote. I'm a 6D owner and have no desire for the configuration mentioned.

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