My iPhone 6 is better than my X100F

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Re: My iPhone 6 is better than my X100F

Jerry-astro wrote:

ktmei wrote:

The thought of everyone tearing each other apart over man-made devices is quite hilarious. Use what you have, enjoy what you do, and don’t fuss over which is better than what. Not everything is about screaming blood or rage over which medium to create art is better, you gear-heads.

@OP: Shame on you. All this chaos and madness is partially your fault by creating this thread but most of it attributed to those who think their opinion is relevant over others and start typing pages

OK, this will come across as harsh, but as the expression goes: if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. As far as I can tell from having read 80% or more of the posts in this thread, the conversation has been civil and actually pretty interesting. No one is "tearing each other apart" (or at least I haven't come across any posts that would meet that definition).

So, perhaps you could point out where all this "chaos and madness" is. As far as I'm concerned, as smartphones get smarter, the dividing line between them and many purpose built cameras is growing very thin. This is a very worthy topic for discussion here, and I'm glad the thread was started. I'd encourage you to find topics that are more interesting or relevant to you and simply ignore the discussion here if for some reason you find it disturbing.

You must have forgotten the ":-P" reference at the end, I don't blame you. 9/10 times people often find themselves deep into a topic they lose sight of slight comedic acts to show how amusing this topic has gone to. But hey, I'm not the one complaining over devices, I use them to my means to however I want in order to get a picture.

Perhaps you'll misunderstand this post as well and shoot down the jester?

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