Interesting take on Canon's model segmenting strategy

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Re: Interesting take on Canon's model segmenting strategy

Tannin wrote:

On the contrary, the sensor, DR and noise performance advantages of the 6D over the 5D III are very, very small, where the gap in AF performance is massive. Frankly, I have never really understood Canon's policy of making cameras with magnificent sensors and awful AF systems at the bottom of their full frame range, but it obviously works for them: 5D, 5D II and 6D (which was better than awful, to be fair) all sold well. Presumably, the wedding market doesn't need AF.

6D II zero performance advantage over the 5D IV? Mate, it's half the price. Why would you expect it to have any advantage at all? (Would I like a flippy screen for my 5D IV? Too right I would. Would I consider downgrading everything else just to get that? Not a chance.)

Briefly, we need a 5DIV with a fully articulating screen, full pixel readout, 4K, non-crop, optional H-265/Prores-4:4:4 codec video. That's all we need.

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