My iPhone 6 is better than my X100F

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Re: My iPhone 6 is better than my X100F

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That was just the iPhone 6, the 7's camera is a considerable improvement. The rumored specs for the 8 could continue to close the gap even more.

That's the thing, smartphone cameras are now able to produce images that rival a majority of the shots that are being created by the average 'pro'.

Part of this is due to the power of photo processing and the processing power of these phones. The other part is that the phones are not viewed as cameras but as a tool to share one's creativity.

People argue all day along about camera systems, which typically are camera + lenses. Smartphones have their own system that is not just about the camera in the phone but the apps (lenses) and social media. It's all designed to make expressing people's creativity as easy as possible. People who use smartphones are able to focus more on the composition of the photo instead of having to change settings on the camera, monkey around with changing lenses or carrying heavy equipment, not to mention the crazy costs for said equipment. They pretty much ensure that you don't miss a shot, at least in some types of photography.

Yes, but they are still very limited in some ways. And I am not sure how much creative expression is possible if the camera is making all the decisions. Images really are confined to good light and small displays.

Sure, it can be used creatively, and it provides some unique opportunities for access and informality, but it's basically designed so that people don't have to think.

I frequently find myself with my iPhone 6s aand no "proper camera", but that doesn't stop me shooting in whatever light there is. I use the ACDSee App and it works a treat.

Either I preset (WB, ISO, speed, aperture, crop size, whatever - no different from any camera), and opt for camera stability mode if needs be ... or use in Auto everything if pushed for time ...

You need to accept and know how to benefit from the massive DOF, the limited tonal range, and the almost instant lift frame and shoot style ... I mostly use Enlight to process on the iphone and don's get wound up about technical perfection.

A few here:

Well they look as good (technically) as anything HCB would have shot

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