My iPhone 6 is better than my X100F

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Re: My iPhone 6 is better than my X100F

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JimmyHBG wrote:

Better than Fuji? No it isnt, but its damn good for a smartphone (S7 edge, taken as raw and edited in lightroom)

Well, the autofocus is much, much better than any Fuji, S7 locks focus instantly.

When the DOF is about 100m, that's not difficult

Is the X100F which is the subject of this thread a great performer for shallow depth of field? f2 on 23mm is not exactly a portrait lens. My Canon G1X is the nearest you can get to subject separation in a fixed lens camera but by cranking the focal length up.

The OP is comparing his X100F to an iPhone so is shallow DOF which is being talked throughout the thread really a major issue here?

Its also wide angle, so if you get closer to the subject, F2 gives the same DOF as an F2 100mm lens when the subject is the same size in the frame, and the same background blur.

Of course, you do get more perspective distortion, so you have to be careful with composition, but DOF is not just about focal length and aperture, its mainly about perspective.

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