My iPhone 6 is better than my X100F

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Re: I understand your enthusiasm for smartphone cameras..

Sjak wrote:

Alan Brown wrote:

i would agree with most of that which is the point of the OP..

the iPhone user in question is not a photographer because they bought a 'proper' camera just as a person who buys an easel and paints does not make an artist.

I was pondering on the same when reading this topic.

15 years ago, I bought a lot of tools, but did it make me a good car (home) mechanic? Of course not! It took me years of hard work, trial and error, frustrations etc.

Besides some people who have a great natural talent, any skill requires studying, practice and experience before getting to any relevant level.

I think smartphones users are getting in the practice. I would say that the average smartphone user actually takes as many if not more photos than your average pro.

They are also being pushed to improve their photography due to the social implications that photos are having on people these days. I am actually often impressed with the images that come across my IG and FB feed and often see a progression in quality and creativity over time. Its also been interesting to see the influence that smartphone photography has been having on the pros especially in the area of composition.

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