My iPhone 6 is better than my X100F

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Re: My iPhone 6 is better than my X100F

Elyharbour wrote:

Not sure anyone has picked up on your comment about how the images are viewed. The (vast) majority of people who take photographs (are these automatically "photographers" - another discussion for another thread) don't ever print anything (I rarely do) and virtually everything looks good on a small screen. Last year I got a 13" laptop with an IPS QHD screen (3200x1800) - I thought "wow, that's really going to show the difference between my cameras / lenses / techniques - nope, quite the opposite. The screen and pixels are so small everything looks fantastic, even the lenses with doubtful corners and edges. So why do I bother agonising over IQ...? A good question - answers please would be appreciated

Yep. If you have an 8" tablet HD screen,just about any image looks amazing. Doesn't matter if its Retina or not. Its all down to size and viewing distance. There's a limit to how much the eye can resolve.

I have a friend who uses a 4K movie projector to show his images. Displayed 8' X 12' on the wall in his blacked out living room, 16MP looks amazing good. After all, 4K cinema is around 8 MP.

With 8K TV on the way, I think people might start caring about quality a little more.

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