My iPhone 6 is better than my X100F

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Re: My iPhone 6 is better than my X100F

Alan Brown wrote:

I understand this completely.

In my old Nikon forum days a, previously happy D40 user would buy a D300 and complain about either unsharp, and or, drab looking photos and relate output to the expense of his purchase

OF course you had a battle on your hands to explain the possibilities of the new purchase but often fell on deaf ears.

Their old camera in default mode.. (P usually) was set to a lot higher contrast giving a perceived sharp photo along with a more saturated colour output, too. Hence the buyers remorse.

Of course you can make these adjustments yourself but many newbies want the camera to know what they want.

Its an uphill battle to convince someone and many don't want to learn. Why should they in many cases if they don't have to put in the same effort with their iPhone?

Raw or 'any' post processing takes time to learn. If you don't see the benefit it's seen as a chore.

It was much the same in film days. How many people had darkrooms?

I do think a lot of camera owners obsess about technical quality without focusing on content. One good thing about iPhones is they let you focus on content. I have seen some stunning iPhone images, but you wouldn't want to print them too big.

Most of the time, it doesn't matter. I would rather hear a bad recording of good music than a good recording of bad music.

There are two sides to photography, the art and the craft. In the old days, many photographers only worried about the art, and left the craft to professional labs.

I think a much simpler approach to post processing would be popular with a lot of people who would rather focus on the art, but still want to produce nice looking images.

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