Looks like the 6D Mark II is selling like hotcakes despite...

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Sample of one vendor, BH is out of stock on the body. The 24-105 kits show in stock.

I know it is early to extrapolate from the reviews but Canon had better hope the trend line doesn't hold. The 6D2 has a 3.0 out of five star ratings on Amazon and 2.5 out of 5 on B&H on very few reviews. If they don't improve then Canon should be working hard on bringing the 6D3 to market ASAP.

Yesterday B&H showed three reviews on the search page but only two on the product page, and today that mysterious third review is gone. On Amazon the one star review never bought it despite the story he's returning it. Another returned it for reasons that a spec sheet would have prevented. As is usually the case, Amazon reviews have started off mostly with those who want to act like pro reviewers....just like those that review products before they even exist or movies as though the review is for the movie and not the product itself.

Thin. Very thin. I wonder why some people feel the need to trash cameras they don't like and will never buy. I come here to learn more about the camera and half the comments are from people who have nothing useful to add. Just repetitive, self important trash talk. I don't go around repeating why I don't like cameras in other forums, I just don't buy them. Big time saver.

I don't leave reviews on sites like Newegg, Amazon etc. unless I owned the product at some point previously, or currently.

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