Petition against Sony's Star Eater

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Re: Petition against Sony's Star Eater

nomnomnom wrote:

fred 76 wrote:

Hi all!

A petition is now online against the Star Eater.

It has been proposed by myself and reviewed by Laurent Laveder, Thierry Legault, Ian Norman, Damian Peach, Aaron D. Priest and Babak Takeshi.

We invite you to sign it and share it all around you:

Clear sky


This petition really demonstrated just how little this matters (under 2000), I can see why Sony is not fixing this at this point.

The one who never asks, never gets any answer !

Note that the petition has been issued just a week ago. Of course it will never end up with 100k as do the petitions to save a cute baby cat... but 2000 times some hundreds of dollars makes a lot of money vs the tiny investment required by Sony to fix this issue (less than $10k).

Those who knows someone working at Sony should really consider sending them the link to the petition.

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